To give you a little insight about this most recent volume, it’s a direct continuation of my last release (August 2017). There’s an intense correlation between the brand and the things I’ve had to experience as I’ve gotten older. Essentially, my work tells the story of my life. 

The concept of the last collection was about me being alone and having to rely on myself to get whatever I needed (Team/Teammate). I felt as if I had to do everything unassisted, to get exactly what I wanted. I was of the mindset that I didn’t need any type of team or any type of help. In this upcoming collection, it mirrors how much I’ve evolved. It shows my growth and maturation, realizing that having that mentality is detrimental. ‘In Loving Memory’ highlights me walking away from the notion that “I don’t need a team”, or that “I can do it all by myself with no help”.

“In Loving Memory” is a reference to my “No Teammate” mentality dying, allowing me to move on to creating a valuable team that will further my impact in this industry. DEATH to my old ways, and most importantly, DEATH to my comfortableness. 

When I shot the last collection, it was in a way to show how alone I was. Inside, restricted, stuck in a corner… almost hidden. There was no model, no face, and no body. Each look had the feeling of emptiness, while also touching on being comfortable. Those were two things I was dealing with; emptiness and being stuck inside my comfort zone.

I’m proud to say that this next collection, ‘In Loving Memory’, is about being uncomfortable, and stepping OUTSIDE of my comfort zone. Growing up we were constantly told, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. So, with that being said, I’m ready to take that step and this collection will emphasize that.

The look book for ‘In Loving Memory’ is shot outside of an abandoned house. More specifically, OUTSIDE of the location I shot the last collection’s look-book. Outside of the building I thought was so perfect on the inside. Although the outside is dirty unlike the inside, the clothes are still clean and crispier than ever. Everything is nicer and cleaner in your comfort zone, but it gets grimy and uncomfortable sometimes when you step out. That’s why we must begin to practice taking that step. The model is standing outside the house with the roof on fire. My old ways and my selfish mindset will die on the inside. Let’s Get Comfortable, Being Uncomfortable.